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About the Podcast

Created by Actor and Historian, Bryan Austin, Let's be Frank uses primary sources and historical documents to resurrect Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father, inventor and all around ladies man, to host a podcast about the times and trials that shaped his mind.

This weekly podcast encourages viewers to empathetically connect with the past in hopes to better connect empathetically with the present.

Clever, quirky and thought provoking; Let's Be Frank is a palette cleanser to your curiosity that will leave you thirsty to learn more.

The Doctor is always looking for innovative ideas, inventions and miscellany to discuss and he’s anxious to hear from you! Have a topic you want to see covered on an episode of the podcast? Contact us straightaway and we’ll be with you presently! Are you a bold thinker, anxious to explore history with the Doctor? Drop a line to be considered to appear as a guest in upcoming episodes!

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