Let's Be Frank relies as much as possible on primary source material to bring listeners as close to the historical events covered as possible. Below you can listen to past episodes and explore  the sources, citations and resources of the content explored in each episode. 
And don't forget to check out "Food for your Library", recommended reading to further your ever expanding curiosity.

Food for your Library 

Season One

Listen to past episodes and the sources that inspired them!

Episode 01 The Taking of Teach

Episode 1.5 The Man Behind the Glasses

Episode 02: A Poultry Execution

Episode 03: Ascending Honor

Episode 04: Chasing Independence Pt.I

Episode 05: Give a Little Whistle

Episode 06: Snakes on the Main

Episode 07: Coronation, Inauguration and Two Georges

Episode 08: An Assembly of Titans with Dr. Bill White

Episode 09: Chasing Independence Pt. II

Episode 10: Theatre, and Chill...with Col. Alex Morse

Episode 11: But First, Coffee!

Episode 12: Chasing Independence Pt. 3

Episode 13: Slavery, Education and the Bray School with Nicole Brown

Episode 14: Rebellion and Ruin with Mark Summers

Episode 15: Chasing Independence Pt. 4

Episode 16: The Declaration of Independence

Season Two

Listen to past episodes and the sources that inspired them!

Episode 17:  The Speech of Polly Baker

Episode 18:  On Conversation

Episode 19:  Spilling Tea Part 1

Episode 20:  Shipping up to Boston

Episode 21:  America's Fabled Past

Episode 22:  A Fairy Tale Beginning Pt.1 with Dr. Abigail Fine

Episode 23:  A Fairy Tale Beginning Pt.2 with Dr. Abigail Fine

Episode 24:  Spilling Tea Part 2

Episode 25:  The Witches of Mount Holly

Episode 26:  Women in 18th Century Trades Pt. 1 with Megan Cantwell


Episode 27:  Women in 18th Century Trades Pt. 2 with Megan Cantwell


Episode 28:  Spilling Tea Part 3


Episode 29:  The Craven Street Corpses                            

Episode 30: A Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity                        

Episode 31: Spilling Tea Part 4

Episode 32: The Boston Tea Party

Season Three

Listen to past episodes and the sources that inspired them!

Episode 33:  Monumental Women

Episode 34:  A History of Fools

Episode 35:  A Sudden Darkness of the Sun with    Robert Weathers 

Episode 36:  Snatching Lightning Part 1

Episode 37:  Beautiful in their own Nature

with Dr. Austin Menzmer

Episode 38:  Necessary Luxuries

with Michael McCarty

Episode 39:  The Supremest Court and the Proposed Tik Tok Ban

Episode 40  Snatching Lightning Part 2

Episode 41  The Gin Craze with Hightailing through History