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Bryan Austin is a professional actor, writer, director with over 20 years in the theatre and museum world. His presentations as James Madison have taken him to schools and audiences across the country along with interviews and articles with TIME and various other local newspapers.

Benjamin Franklin

Few figures from American history conjure our imagination like that of Benjamin Franklin. In an age where someone‚Äôs parentage, skincolor or religion determined their lot in life, Franklin defied cultural boundaries and conducted himself, in writing and in life, in ways that would quickly become synonymous with the American Ideal and Identity. A Printer, patriot, sage and tinkerer; Franklin found unparalleled fame in his time, and today occupies a mythic position in the American pantheon of founding fathers despite never rising to the rank of president. Today, he takes a step off that marble pedestal to connect with modern American as a peer instead of a prophet and, with a crooked grin and glimmer in his eye, breathes new life to the events that shaped his world. 

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