In his history of Alexander, Plutarch wrote “It must be borne to mind that my design is not to write histories, but lives.” In a single sentiment, stretching across a millennia, Plutarch encapsulates my ideal approach to teaching history. 


We can examine the past through its dates, or its laws; its victories or its defeat…Or, we can do away with the paper barriers that divide the present from the past and breathe new life into the lives of yesterday. 


That’s what we hope to accomplish with Let's Be Frank, and our presentations with Dr. Benjamin Franklin. It can be considered storytelling, living history, historic interpretation; but I prefer to view it as the purest way we explore history. Before we had textbooks, or academia, we had a storyteller and an audience. It’s my hope to capture that spark. t0 ignite  our collective imaginations and use it as fuel to educate. 


You can call it history, I prefer to call it resurrection. 


We’re so happy you stopped by. 


Stay Curious, 

Bryan and the Doctor

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